Shaheen Award Nomination

    Purpose: The Shaheen Awards recognize graduate student excellence in any one or a number of areas: grades, research and publications, fellowships or other awards, teaching, and mentoring. Postgraduate positions offered/accepted can be noted as evidence of a nominee’s talents and abilities.

     Only doctoral students are eligible for the Shaheen Awards.  Those who graduated in the summer and fall terms of the current academic year and those in good standing who will graduate in May.
    Nominee's Information
    The nomination statement should provide context for the importance of the nominated student's awards, publications, and research in general.
    Note: One letter is required. A second letter is optional.

    OPTIONAL:  Statement from nominee. No more than two pages in length; the nominee should discuss the significance of her/his research to the relevant field of study. In addition, if the nominee has taught, the statement could include a discussion of his/her pedagogical philosophy. The statement should not replicate the CV; rather, it should interpret it by contextualizing specific aspects of work in a larger intellectual framework (roughly equivalent to a faculty member’s personal statement in a renewal/promotion package).