Graduate Professional Development Events

Graduate professional development at Notre Dame is focused on four core components: Career Development and Placement, Ethics, Research, and Teaching. The list below shows the composite schedule for all currently scheduled professional development events.

If you have questions about the listed events, or would like to suggest an event, please contact Professional Development.

Note: The professional development events page focus primarily on academic and career-oriented workshops and events. For social events geared toward graduate students, we invite you to visit the Graduate Student Union's social calendar. For social events geared toward postdocs, visit the Postdoc Events page.

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  • Research
  • Ethics
  • Teaching
  • Career

Upcoming events:

Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev8-3101:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev9-701:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev9-1401:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev9-2101:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev9-2801:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev10-501:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev10-1201:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev10-2601:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev11-201:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev11-901:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev11-1601:00 PM
Lunch and Learnz_gs_pdev11-3001:00 PM