Graduate Training Events

    The list below shows the composite schedule for all currently scheduled professional development events.

    If you have questions about the listed events, or would like to suggest an event, please contact Professional Development.

    Note: The professional development events page focus primarily on academic and career-oriented workshops and events. For social events geared toward graduate students, we invite you to visit the Graduate Student Union's social calendar. For social events geared toward postdocs, visit the Postdoc Events page.

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    Upcoming events:

    Drug discovery with Andrew Petros from AbbVie: Use of biophysical methods to drive discovery of the apoptosis promoter navitoclaxz_gs_pdevEngage Join Andrew Petros, Senior Principal Research Scientist at AbbVie, for a seminar about drug discovery. Dr. Petros is the co-discoverer of the drug Venetoclax, which...11-2712:00 PM
    EAP: Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid Itz_gs_pdevExemplifyThis workshop will focus on ways to present academic sources in an ethical and transparent manner. Topics include a definition of plagiarism, a description of the ha...11-2805:15 PM
    Standing Out in the Digital Age: Building YOUR Professional Websitez_gs_pdevProfessionalize It is rare to see a link to a professional website on the top of a resume or curriculum vitae. In a world that shares most information through the internet, why has...11-2905:00 PM
    2019 RCR/Ethics Workshopz_gs_pdevThe Graduate School’s Ethics and RCR workshop engages graduate students in STEM and quantitative Social Sciences with real world ethical dilemmas and practical advic...1-1407:30 AM